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Instructions to update your box

To update your box with new software kindly fellow these steps
click the following links to download new software and save it on USB drive
this file name should be upgrade so please rename it upgrade. Attach usb memory stick to your shava tv box

at usb port and restart your box and keep pressing 0 button from your remote control until its take you in

security system
then select upgrade and press ok button from remote control then it will starting to upgrade and shows you

how many percent, when 100% complete your box will be restart then you can remove that usb memory

stick and enjoy shava box with new software
if still any issue please contact our customer support team.

Shava Tv


1. Click here to download for Shava Plus 10 digit SN and click here


2. Click here to download for Shava IPTV 9 digit SN